The NEW “Mother Goose Salutes”

As the days go by, Mother Goose realizes that more and more often her stories highlight the service and sacrifice of our nation’s military members, their families and our brave veterans who have fought for freedom around the globe.

In my feathery heart of hearts, I recognize this as a very special category of storytelling for a very special audience.  And, of course, as a goose who dreams of doing small acts of kindness with great love, I wish to publish these stories and give proper recognition to the folks who bravely fight our battles for us as well as those families who stay behind the scenes, quietly doing the unseen quotidian duties of patriots.

Mother Goose Salutes you, brave servicemen and women.

Mother Goose Salutes you, Blue Star Mothers.

Mother Goose Salutes you, veterans of foreign wars.

Mother Goose Salutes you, sons and daughters of our American heroes.

goose salute

And you may ask, “Who is this Mother Goose character anyway?  How do you qualify for this noble and grandiose task?”

As a military mom, I am in the thick of the action.   Two of my six wonderful children are currently serving in the U.S. Navy; another son has big plans to contact his recruiter as soon as he completes two years of college.  I am currently involved in several volunteer occupations to support the troops and their families, including the Blue Star Family Platoon and the Illinois Military Family Initiative.

Believe it or not, Mother Goose attends monthly meetings of Marine families to give them Blue Star Banners to hang in their windows. She has also been spotted at Veterans’ Resource Fairs and other community get-togethers  spreading the good news that America loves their heroes and will always stand behind them.  Mother Goose actually contacts complete strangers in magnificent attempts to get their stories.

It is my hope that you will find these stories inspiring, entertaining or perhaps educational.  I may only be a goose, but I’m a goose on a mission.  Undaunted. Unstoppable. Unflappable.

God bless you for joining me on my journey!  Stay tuned tomorrow for the first of many patriotic stories…

(Photo courtesy  Goose Salute by Laurie Minor at





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