Brave Marine Families

When Mother Goose heard the news yesterday of the mortar explosion which took the lives of eight Marines and injuring so many others, the tears just rolled down her feathery cheeks. Any accident like this is a tragedy, but for Mother Goose, this one hit home especially hard because she had spent Monday evening with a group of eight proud Marine families.

Blue Star Banners for Marine families in Berwyn.  March 18, 2013

Blue Star Banners for Marine families in Berwyn. March 18, 2013

These families gather every month to support one another and share their questions and concerns as their young sons and daughters prepare for Marine boot camp, for their specialized training and sometimes for their deployment into areas of the world which would put them in harm’s way.

I was there to present four of the families with Blue Star Banners to hang in their front windows. The three moms in this photo have sons in boot camp and will be graduating in San Diego in the near future. The handsome, young Marine in the center just recently graduated and will begin his time of training this week. His mom will hang this banner in her window and look at it everyday, missing her son, but knowing that our country needs him.

Their sons and daughters might have chosen another career path, one not so fraught with danger and sacrifice. They could have gone to college and learned a safe profession. Probably nobody would have complained if they had decided to be accountants or teachers or managers or doctors.

But for some reason, some mothers give birth to babies who have a special spark of courage within their hearts. They are seemingly born with a desire to serve and protect. These moms and dads raise boys and girls who grow up to be men and women who want to defend freedom. They know the cost of freedom and are willing to pay, sometimes with their lives.

America is a great country because of our brave Marines.

In places across America, hearts will break as the uniformed Marines arrive at the front door with the worst possible news. Eight fallen Marines will be laid to rest. Gold Star Banners will be presented to grieving mothers and fathers.

For most of us, life will go on as it always does…

But please keep the families of those brave Marines in your prayers in these days and weeks to come. God, please bless all of our military families with peace and comfort, especially those who have lost loved ones this week.


One thought on “Brave Marine Families

  1. Honestly Natalie, I heard the news report and immediately flashed to you and the work you do with these military families. You have given me a greater awareness of the sacrifice that families make in letting their son and daughter fulfill what I, too, agree is a special spark that doesn’t develop in all young people. I have been, and will continue to pray for these families. We have a special love for the marines from Camp Pendleton. I’m so glad you shared this lovely, touching post about the Blue Star Banner families, and of course,our prayers are with the Gold Star families. oxo

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