A Wall Full of Heroes

Yes, we've got some Heroes at our school!

Yes, we’ve got some Heroes at our school!

Alert! Alert! Our elementary school is filled with Heroes! And this banner on the wall is proof of it!

When Mother Goose first approached Whittier Elementary School principal, Carol Young, with the project shown above, we were both thinking that we might end of with two, maybe three pictures on the wall. What a wonderful surprise to learn of so many families in our school with military connections!

We have students with sailors, airmen, and Army soldiers in their immediate and extended families! We have men and women stationed around the world, even in Afghanistan! We have officers and military police within our Whittier ranks!

It just fills Mother Goose with pride to see the families represented around about this banner, and what a great reminder that America is strongly defended by service members from our own neighborhoods and communities.

Operation Military Kids is a nationwide organization that provides support and fun events for kids who have moms and dads, brothers and sisters serving America. Some of our military kids live on military bases, but in Illinois most of our families live in “regular” or civilian-type communities, just like Oak Park. Often these kids experience some of the same feelings of fear, sadness, worry, and expectant joy at the return of their deployed family members but without the support that is available on a military base.

These kids might not even know of another military kid in their school.

And that’s why we hung this Wall of Heroes banner in our school — to show the students, the teachers and the staff that we have Heroes amongst us. Hip hip hooray for military kids! And don’t forget April is the month of the military child! If you know one, give ’em a hug from Mother Goose today!

Three cheers for the Heroes in our neighborhoods and around the world!

Three cheers for the Heroes in our neighborhoods and around the world!


3 thoughts on “A Wall Full of Heroes

  1. What a great way to highlight the military children and their families. Wouldn’t it be nice if all schools did this. And places of employment, and churches, and anywhere that people gathered together. Operation Military Kids is a wonderful program!

    • Thank you Debra! I think you are definitely on to something — public places could and should be a place to show the world that we are proud of our beloved service members!

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