Incredibly Strong Army Mom

Less than two months ago, Mother Goose received a request for a Blue Star Banner from a mom in Missouri named Kathy. Her Army son had recently been deployed to Afghanistan, and her daughter is an active Army Reservist. I dressed up the two-starred service flag with some pretty gold fringe as I always do and shipped it out via priority mail. The standard operating procedure for my organization — we send them out with a prayer that this family will be well and that their service member will be safe and sound.

Kathy with Mary and Matt.

Kathy with Mary and Matt.

Several days later I heard from Kathy again that she had received my package and was most grateful for the banner and had hung it in her front window for all the world to see.

Kathy's Two Star Banner

And then these heartbreaking words: “My time is short so I am trying to get all I can in before the end. I am in the end stages of COPD and I have tumors in my lymph lodes in my neck that I am going to the doctor to check tomorrow. I live on oxygen 24/7 and go NO where. I am getting a home health nurse next week because I cant even cook, shower, clean or do my laundry. So that will be a blessing. So THANK YOU for helping me.”

Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD) is the third leading cause of death in the United States. It is associated with chronic bronchitis and emphysema — it works painfully in the lungs, slowly reducing lung function and oxygen saturation in the body.

In the weeks since, Kathy and I have written back and forth frequently. Her most fervent prayer request was that she’d see her son one more time in this life. Kathy is an amazing woman of faith — she believes in the power of prayer and the saving grace of Jesus Christ. She is at peace with her situation and looking forward to an eternity in paradise.

But if only her body could hold on for a couple more months when Matthew was scheduled to come home from his deployment. The doctors have given Kathy 6-12 weeks to live. With hospice care now in place, Kathy continued to pray for her son’s safety and his return home to her arms. Her note from June 4th: “I am getting ready for hospice to come in……just got to make it a couple more months till my son gets home.”

This past Saturday evening at 9:38 pm, Matthew walked through the doors of his dear mama’s home, surprising her with a great big smile on his face. Thanks to the American Red Cross for making the arrangements for his return! Prayers answered! He will be home for the next two weeks, and this mother celebrates with that mother for the delicious joy of seeing a son’s face when she wakes up in the morning.

Tears welled up in my eyes as I read what Kathy wrote to me this morning: “My dear Blue Star family, I am so going to miss you all so much, please go to the “Mother of Deployed soldiers” group and there is so much support there also. I lived daily laughing, crying, reading, and responding while I was able to. It was a group effort to keep me going all this time. I would have never made it without all of you during this time. I am going to miss all of you, and I will be watching over everyone and waiting for all you to join me next to the Lord one of these days. Keep sending prayers, cards, and any help if you can help my children in burial expense because I have no health insurance or life insurance. God Bless you all and watch over you and your family and your soldiers. Love to all, Kathy”

Dear readers, please pray for Kathy. If you’d like to cheer her with a card or help with her final expenses, please send me an email at and I will share her address.

My final thoughts on this amazing woman: the love of a mother is so powerful and the faith of this particularly special mother is beyond my understanding. We all go through trials of many types and levels requiring much patience and persistence in prayer. We all have our own packages of suffering and joy co-mingled in our daily lives. Kathy Jenne has touched my heart so deeply though I’ve known her less than two months — I realize that we all have an obligation to love one another regardless of the length of our friendship or acquaintance, regardless of our geographic locations, regardless of our busy-ness.

I have seen pictures that Kathy has taken in the past two days — pictures of friends helping to move her bed into the living room where she can see out the window, friends gathering around her, making her good meals and sitting together visiting, pictures of her handsome soldier son laying across her bed with his face smiling into hers. These are the pictures of love — these are the images of a life well-spent in loving one another.

I guess this is why I’m so passionate about military families and our brave troops and Blue Star Banners — these connections are vital to the hearts and well-being of Army moms and Navy moms and Marine moms and Air Force moms and Coast Guard moms. I will continue my mission of making those connections, inspired by the faith and love of an incredible mom in Missouri.

God bless you today! With love, Mother Goose


8 thoughts on “Incredibly Strong Army Mom

  1. Tears are streaming as I write this comment, Natalie. I think it must be the mother/son bond….. So thankful that Kathy’s son was able to return home to spend time with his mom; her prayers have been answered. Please send me her address, so that I may send Kathy a card – you can e-mail me at Thank you so much for ALL you do, Natalie.

    • Dianna, you have a golden heart! I am trying to put myself in her slippers — she’s so brave to face this transition from earth to heaven with so much faith. She has so much peace about the inevitable and now that she’s got Matt back home, her next goal is to make it to her 50th birthday on July 19th, but every night she is prepared just in case she doesn’t wake up … Wow, I’m just amazed at her strength. Bless you, dear.

  2. Oh my! I lost a friend to COPD a few years ago, and understand what a terrible disease this is. It was a wonderful thing to hear that she has time with her son. The work you do with these families is very special, Natalie. You have taken such a personal interest. I won’t forget to pray for Kathy. ox

    • Debra, thank you so much! I am just awestruck in how things are working out for her — to have Matt there is just the icing on the cake. She’s so brave and so full of faith, a woman of strength and grace. Bless you today!

  3. Thank you all for your loving words and prayers. The Lord is an amazing soul, and has brought just the right people in to my heart. I pray my legacy lives on and inspiring and encourage people to be strong, trust in the Lord and the power of pray. I have always consider everyone my family in these groups as my parents were taken from me when I was just 24. My children grew up never knowing there grandparents. As a single mother I had to learn to be strong, trust in the Lord and do the best job in the name of our Lord. I will miss all of you deeply, but I will be watching over. Thank you all for everything
    . God Bless you all.

  4. Kathy is a high school classmate of mine (Class of 1981). I have not seen Kathy since high school but I feel like she is always with me. Over the years Kathy always has taken interests in all of her friend and family posts on Facebook..always “Liking” everything we post and I mean EVERYTHING. As a matter of fact, most of her classmates began to worry when we noticed she was not “liking” our posts and began posting messages on her wall as well as our Class FB page.
    I follow Kathy every day – I get so sad but then she tells me not to be sad because she is going to paradise and I should be happy. I am so sorry I am not close by to help her with all the things she needs help with…meals, visits, etc. But I will continue to pray for Kathy and her family and I am so thankful Matt was able to make it home to be with his mom. God bless her – the class of ’81 will TRULY miss our friend.

    • Lisa, you are a beautiful friend to Kathy! No matter the distance, our hearts all surround the ones who are hurting the most or needing the most help at any particular time. Bless you for all of the kindnesses you’ve shown Kathy!

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