A Grand Navy Adventure

Mother Goose finally caught up with her friend, Lt. Cmdr. Branden Marty. We had met exactly one year ago at this very same table at this very same Corner Bakery… Of course, his eyes are still intensely blue and his smile flashes like lightning over our morning coffee. We talked of days gone by, the present challenges in his life and the exciting days to come.

US Navy Lt. Cmdr. Branden Marty in his civilian wardrobe.

US Navy Lt. Cmdr. Branden Marty in his civilian wardrobe.

“Just call me Branden,” he insisted when we met last year. His humility is only eclipsed by his great love of his wife and children.

But the adventures of this sailor extend around the world and span more than a decade of service to our nation. Branden stepped into his grandfather’s boots after graduating from Michigan State with his degree in history and his diploma in his hand. During his 24-year career in the Army Air Corps and the U.S. Air Force, Branden’s grandfather flew the amazing old B-26 cargo planes during the Second World War across the Pacific Ocean and around the globe.

Branden heard his grandfather’s stories and was naturally inspired to apply to the ROTC program while at Michigan. He applied to Navy flight school in Pensacola, Florida after graduation and was naturally accepted. But flight school meant leaving the love of his life behind in Michigan for two years while he earned his “wings”…

Six days after he was “winged”, Branden and Stephanie were married and journeyed from Pensacola to San Diego where he was assigned to a helicopter squadron. Branden and Stephanie made a pact of love and respect. They decided that Branden’s Navy career would be the focus for the first ten years of their marriage and after that time, the focus would shift to Stephanie’s career in the wine industry.

His first deployment took the young pilot from the arms of his bride to the country of Somalia and the Persian Gulf. For six and one half months, he flew missions in this danger zone of the world, defending the seas from pirates and terrorists.

Mother Goose can only imagine the welcome home party when this young lieutenant and his squadron returned to San Diego!

And then another deployment came up — this time to the Pacific Ocean, to support the marines and army of the Philippines in Mindanao. Six months later, another wonderful welcome home party for this couple.

His next assignment, a shore billet, was less adrenaline and more operational and managerial. Because Branden is so humble, he doesn’t brag about these great career events, but Mother Goose will gladly brag about him. Branden was assigned the duty of Aide to Rear Admiral Robert P. Girrier. In the U.S. Navy, this is a very big deal! This job requires you to handle most if not all of the admiral’s personal and administrative affairs. Branden was the perfect choice for this position.

The Admiral and the Aide.  Circa 2009. Photo courtesy hartshorn.us

The Admiral and the Aide. Circa 2009. Photo courtesy hartshorn.us

Please come back next time to hear what the young lieutenant did next in his Navy career!


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