The Grand Navy Adventure Continues…

The helo blades are whirring and the engines are roaring overhead. You can feel and smell the sea air out on the Persian Gulf. There is action, there is adrenaline, there is danger all around.

Change course to Aide to the Admiral. Lt. Branden Marty is now a decorated administrator surrounded by high-level brass in Washington and anywhere else in the world where Admiral Girrier has to be.

Focus your attention next to San Diego, and you’ll see Lt. Marty and his beautiful bride are now the proud parents of THREE little sailors — a daughter and twin sons. Those must have been some pretty amazing “Welcome Home” events for the young Lieutenant!

The next assignment for Branden brought him and his surprisingly large family back to the Midwest where he worked as a non-medical care manager for Navy Wounded Warrior — Safe Harbor at Naval Station Great Lakes.

He is quickly promoted to Lieutenant Commander!

Branden at Navy Safe Harbor

Branden at Navy Safe Harbor

Again, this sailor is too humble to tell his story, but one wounded warrior, Navy Aviation Structural Mechanic 1st Class John Dusseau, told it for us and here’s a quote from HIS story:

My Navy Wounded Warrior – Safe Harbor non-medical care manager Lt. Cmdr. Branden Marty saved my life.

Lt. Cmdr. Marty tracked me down about six months after my diagnosis. He reminded me that I was still a Sailor; the Navy still cared about me. He called before and after my chemotherapy sessions, and he often visited me at home. In between swapping sea stories, he answered my questions and helped put my mind at ease. He chased down much-needed benefits for my family. His guidance and compassion encouraged me to keep fighting, reminding me that it isn’t over yet.

Remembering the original pact with his wife, Stephanie, to devote ten years to his naval career and then to focus the next chapter of their marriage on her career, Branden left active Navy service this past year. He is now in the operations/management department of the Association of Medical Pathologists in Northfield, Illinois.

He enjoys this new and challenging position in the health care industry, but I have a feeling that he still looks forward to those weekends when he joins he other salty dogs serving in the Navy Reserves.

Finally Mother Goose shook the amazement out of her head and asked that one burning question:

“Branden, after all of these years in the Navy and all of these great adventures, which would you say is the greatest adventure that you’ve had?”

With only a three-second pause, he replied, “The greatest adventure I’ve had started on the road trip from Florida to San Diego after I got “winged” and “married” within one week. The journey to San Diego with Stephanie was my greatest adventure of all.”

Lt. Cmdr. Branden Marty and his wife, Stephanie.  Can we altogether say "awwww".  :-D

Lt. Cmdr. Branden Marty and his wife, Stephanie. Can we altogether say “awwww”. 😀


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