A Legacy of Blue Stars

Recently Mother Goose was the happy and honored party to a luncheon date with Mrs. Joyce Carrasco, a TRUE Blue Star Mother. Please watch this quick video to learn more about Joyce and her dedication to our mission.

Joyce is the founder and president of our Blue Star Mother’s chapter in northern Illinois. She has a brave Marine son who is currently serving “somewhere” and a brave Air Force daughter who is also serving “somewhere”. Often when a career service person is deployed, they are unable to disclose their location for security reasons. I can only tell you they are in very sensitive areas of the world where only the most dedicated and courageous Marines and Air Women go.

I thoroughly enjoyed spending a quick hour with Joyce — she’s a very busy woman who is involved in many good causes but first and foremost supports her husband who is a pastor with the First United Methodist Church. When I asked her how they met so long ago, Joyce again smiled mysteriously and answered my question with gracious guardedness. She’s not quite at liberty to discuss her husband’s history or their own joyous beginnings as a couple.

Of course, Mother Goose wants to know more! But, of course, we will respect the privacy of these wonderful people.

I did ask Joyce about her childhood — whether her father had served in the Armed Forces, how she had become so passionate about supporting military families. She told me that her grandmother had ELEVEN Blue Star Banners in her front window! All eleven of her children served America during the time of WWII. Indeed, her father and her uncles, but also her aunties! Imagine that legacy!

Please join Mother Goose in a salute to Joyce Carrasco today! God bless you and your family, dear!

Blue Star Banner JoyceCarrasco


One thought on “A Legacy of Blue Stars

  1. My goodness! Very impressive. I continue to be very moved at learning of the ways that military families, in particular the parents of servicemen and women, support and lead from home. I am glad to learn more about Joyce and the wonderful support she gives.

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