An Office for a Goose

A GRAND announcement! Mother Goose has been invited to move into The Willett Center with her Blue Star Banners!

Of course, my loyal readers may have noticed my extended leave of absence from the blogging scene, but will surely remember that I had written a story describing the services of The Willett Center. It has been many years — 25 years to be exact — since I worked in an office setting, so naturally I’m jumping up and down for joy on my big old rubbery feet.


What an honor to be included in this facility along with some really exceptional organizations all offering supportive services to our community’s brave veterans! I am across the hall from Laura Soteno from Easter Seals and Kevin McCauley, our resident expert on employment for veterans. Next door is Cassandra Ward from Erikson Institute, a very warm, loving and progressive family and child counseling agency. I’ve met Miss Josie who is the founder of Patriotic Women of Oak Park who has an office somewhere in this large building.

We are all graciously helped and administrated by Miss Joyce — oh my gooseness, I couldn’t have figured out how to set up this office without her able and admirable assistance! She’s a gem, a one-in-a-million precious treasure!

There are veterans in the Resource Room using the computers and job banks.

There are people coming and going, asking questions about our services and finding the answers that they need.

There’s a buzz in the air about the resource fair that will be held in a neighboring Chicago community on September 28th, Austin Salutes Veteran and Military Families. (Of course, Mother Goose loves the sound of that!)

I have so much space for dressing up my banners, and such a lovely rosewood desk with a matching book shelf. I have a filing cabinet and not one, not two, but THREE chairs — two of them are cushiony and tiltable and rockable and spinnable and twirlable.


There’s a second door out of my office. It has a two-way mirror…”they” can see me, but I can’t see them. I’ll be hanging a lovely patriotic curtain over that mirror, you can be sure of that! What happens in the office of Mother Goose STAYS in the office of Mother Goose…

Only the most vain goose would require such a large mirror for checking her feathers and beak...

Only the most vain goose would require such a large mirror for checking her feathers and beak…

And the most wonderful “accommodation” — some perfectly wonderful racks to hang my banners on to let the glue dry after I’ve attached the gold fringe to them.


What a marvelous blessing! My family members will all be quick to tell you how unusual our home has been these past 18 months with banners hanging and drying all around the kitchen and dining room.

So now I feel very “official” here in my office. Besides the upcoming resource fair and meeting so many people and making so many valuable connections, I’m also making plans to attend many upcoming military family support meetings. Oh the looks on the faces of the moms and dads when I present them with their own family banner to hang in their window. The love and pride in their sons and daughters just shines from their eyes…

The work of Blue Star Family Platoon goes on! We know our mission. We are marching forward. With rubbery feet, but marching nonetheless. God bless you today with His love.

Mother Goose


6 thoughts on “An Office for a Goose

    • Dianna, I can only say that before Adam and Erik joined the Navy, I had no idea about military family traditions, and I’m just so thankful for the ways I’m finding to help support them. BTW, they have been home on leave these past few days, and we’ve just LOVED having them close to us for awhile. I think that life in Virginia is definitely agreeing with them!

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