Sgt. Minister Paula

Today Mother Goose is very proud to salute Sgt. Minister Paula Buchanan-Tolefree. I’d be happy to introduce you:

Sgt. Minister Paula has worn many hats over the years.

Sgt. Minister Paula

Sgt. Minister Paula

She’s a wife, a mother and grandmother. She was a nurse’s aide for twenty years. She served in the National Guard in Illinois, Michigan and Indiana. She’s been a missionary, and now ministers as a Chaplain and Ordained Minister.

And these days she devotes her time and energy to online and phone counseling for veterans and prison inmates. Because she is disabled and home-bound in a wheelchair, she seldom leaves her comfortable abode in a quiet and secure west-side senior citizen complex.

All of her work is done from home, and yes, she answers phone calls and counsels troubled vets 24/7. Sgt. Minister Paula is connected to various resources, community events boards, helpful websites and forums. Many veterans who suffer from depression, PTSD and other emotional distress can receive her wise, Godly counsel in the privacy of their own homes, at any time of the day or night.

Her ministry is so very necessary in these days and times. She’s a blessing to so many confused and recovering addicts, lonely prisoners and veterans disabled physically or emotionally.

Sgt. Minister Paula asked me to please share her email address with my readers. You can contact her at

And I hope that you’ll look for the helpers today and find yourself blessed!


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