The Sailors Finally Emerge from Boot Camp

After eight weeks of basic training, rampant colds and flu, boot camp chow, marching, homesickness, Navy orders and rules and regulations, the sons of Mother Goose graduated from Great Lakes Naval Training Center. No longer to be referred to as recruits — now they were sailors in the greatest navy in the world, a global force for good!

The graduation ceremony is the most wonderful event in a proud Navy mom’s life — the pomp, the circumstance, the flags, the marching bands, the precision drill teams, and that moment when a son is spotted on the marching field with his division.

As they come marching into the grand arena, all the families and friends in the grand stand are cheering for their sailors. It’s a roar of joy, a proud moment that stays with you forever.

Ohhh my gooseness, I nearly swooned with pride at both of the boys’ ceremonies. And the tears of joy to see that “Yes, they survived!”

The sailors stand at attention for nearly an hour whilst activities and speeches ramble on and on. Finally the “liberty bell” rings and the sailors are free to reconnect with their people — dear readers, it is total pandemonium and general chaos as the uniformed and capped sailors suddenly leap into the air and begin to search the crowds for their moms. And of course, their dads…

And then we are all reunited and joys and kisses and hugs all around for everybody.

Of course, the guys look rather sickly and pale from weeks of little sleep and community virus-sharing and endless training. But oh, they are smiling.

And oh, they look so much older — almost like men.

Well, yes, I will say it — my sons were now men.

Oh happy day!




Graduation Day



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