Mother Goose Joins the Navy (kind of…)

Mother Goose was so enthralled with the sailor recruits who she entertained on Thanksgiving that she decided it was time for her to join the Navy. Unfortunately, they would not accept her enlistment…because of her flat and rubbery feet.

However, the good news is that she has found employment — true employment including a paycheck — and it involves helping Navy families who have special needs children. A perfect place for Mother Goose to be! I’m not afraid to tell you that I prayed and prayed for months for a job like this one!

Of course, my dear and loyal readers know that Mother Goose has been volunteering with a new division of Easter Seals these past six months — a department devoted to helping veterans and military families — a population group near and dear to her heart obviously.


Well, with the New Year, came a new program — a respite care program for these special Navy families in our area. We are near the Great Lakes Navy Base (where the charming young recruits came from!) and that makes Easter Seals perfectly positioned to help.

These families have special needs children ranging broadly across the spectrum — anywhere from high-functioning autism children to deaf children to wheelchair-bound children with severe disabilities. Our program provides up to forty hours of FREE respite care each month to qualifying families. We find those specially trained and certified caregivers who have hearts to spend time with special children — staying with these kiddos in their homes and engaging them while mom and dad take a break.

Easter Seals partners with Child Care Aware of America to recruit these care providers. The Navy pays for the care, and Mother Goose makes sure that everybody is happy and compatible and coordinated together.

What a perfect occupation for this goose!

Ohhhh the United States Navy — a powerful and global force for good. I may not see the world from the deck of a world-class aircraft carrier, but I will definitely see the smiling faces of Navy parents who are allowed to take off for a couple of hours to see a movie, have a peaceful dinner alone or just stroll hand in hand through the park knowing that their child(ren) are safely and lovingly cared for.

And if you know anyone in the Chicagoland area who is qualified and interested in applying for these positions (Respite Care Providers), please contact us at The Willett Center (708-524-8700). They can ask for either Laura or Natalie. Mother Goose is currently working incognito at this location…


3 thoughts on “Mother Goose Joins the Navy (kind of…)

    • Thank you Dianna, I feel a definite kinship with these families, especially the mommas who have the greatest responsibility for these special kiddos. Even though none of my children had these special challenges, there were times when they were young when I would definitely have paid somebody to just be in the house with me — another adult to connect with is always “good medicine”.

      One family in particular goes straight to my heart — they have five children, three of them are deaf, one is a teen with emotional stuff and the dad is deployed to Japan for the next year. WOW! They need a bit of extra help over at their home!

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