Coming soon…

Illinois military families, are you ready for a new option in license plates?

Blue Star_mockup_v3

Coming soon to a Secretary of State’s office near you…

Yes, we are very excited to be working with the Illinois state legislature to bring this to fruition in 2014. Of course, the picture above is only a mock-up of what the new plate might look like, but the Blue Star Family Platoon is working hard behind the scenes and behind those closed doors where legislative action really takes place to accomplish what can only be called a modern day miracle in the great state of Illinois.

The idea was first proposed around a Saturday morning breakfast table at the Buzz Cafe in Oak Park. The next thing you know, we had the backing and sponsorship of the Chairmen of the House Transportation Committee AND the Senate Transportation Committee — two very powerful congressmen who understand the vital importance of recognizing our state’s military families.

We’ve already garnered the endorsement of some very important groups in Illinois: The Illinois Military Family Initiative, the Coalition of Veteran Organizations, and Vet Net.

Our state offers a great variety of military-oriented license plates. Every branch of the service can be displayed as well as wonderful veteran status plates, military honor plates and a very beautiful Gold Star Family license plate.

The only other state in the Union to offer Blue Star Banner plates is Tennessee, and I must say….our design is so much more distinctive. [smile]

As the bill moves along through the legislative process, Mother Goose will certainly be flapping and honking about it. I wonder who will get the plate that says “M.Goose”….


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