You Can Salute Dryhootch Today

Incredibly, Mother Goose is honking about yet another good cause! Today we salute an amazingly original organization headquartered in Milwaukee, Wisconsin but spreading like a virus throughout the Midwest.


Dryhootch of America was organized by Vietnam veteran, Robert Curry, as a place where veterans of any era could gather in a safe, secure environment, a coffee shop, to connect and sort through their “stuff” on their journey of reintegration. Because of his own troubled life after the war, Mr. Curry knew there had to be a better way to adjust to life after combat.

With peer mentors, a great bunch of resources and some EXCELLENT coffee, Dryhootch is meeting the mission at hand:

“Helping those who survived the war, survive the peace.”

Mother Goose could go on and on about the troubles and the problems of our returning vets. She could write pages and books about the men and women she has met and helped along the way. Mother Goose could fly around the world sixteen times and never see the things that our vets have seen in their lifetimes.

But rather than bore you with my stories, I am asking you to visit their fundraising page and click on the first video that you see — then you’ll get a taste, then you’ll experience a bit of the flavor, you will feel the pain of our returning combat vets.

Please support Dryhootch of America. Please share this request with your own networks.

God bless you, dear and generous readers!


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